Hemp VIllage, Arise Music Festival

NoCo Hemp Village at Arise Festival promotes “thriveability”

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One of the fastest growing next-gen Festivals in the country, Arise is not only about Music. Programming includes workshops with thought leaders,environmental activists, and even planting a tree for each ticket sold. The addition of the NoCo Hemp Village this year brings with it the potential of bio-degradable plastics, tree-free paper and life changing medicines. The Hemp Industry in the United States is tenuous and still federally illegal; in spite of this, Colorado leads the…

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NoCo Hemp Expo, Hemp Festival. Fair

Hemp Festivals in 2016: More Than A Movement

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Loveland based promotions company brings together art, education, and community through local events focusing on industrial hemp and sustainability. media credit: Ben Wright Colorado Hemp Company is coming off of an extremely successful 2016 NoCo Hemp Expo that brought together thousands of national and international participants with more than 130 exhibitors, 70 industry speakers and panelists, and over 3200 visitors who attended the annual event at The Ranch Events Complex in Loveland, CO. The expo…

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Industrial Hemp End Products

The Rebirth of Industrial Hemp:  Processing and Bio-refineries 

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Hemp is on the rise today, and facilities like Pure Hemp Technology and contributing to what Carl Lehrburger calls, “the thrust of the hemp revolution”.

With the passing of the federal Farm Bill and supporting state pilot programs, local businesses are providing farmers an opportunity in industrial hemp while manufacturing eco-friendly products.

Pure Hemp Technology, a hemp processing plant and bio-refinery located in Fort Lupton, CO is doing just that, promoting sustainable agriculture by converting industrial hemp into useable products.

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Hemp Cars

Driving Hemp into the Future: BMW Goes Biodegradable

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Lighter-weight, fuel-efficient vehicles with hemp are right down the road.

Why use hemp to make automobiles?

For a number of reasons. Hemp is lighter than steel or fiberglass, resists dents and is not brittle like carbon fiber, and it is biodegradable. Most importantly, hemp is carbon negative, says Bruce Dietzen of Renew Sports Cars.

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Let's Talk Hemp

The Stage is Set! Industrial Hemp Expo Unites Global Participants 

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Are you ready for the largest hemp event in North America?

Opening Ceremonies begin Friday, April 1st at 10 AM at The Ranch Events Complex in Loveland, CO. The NoCo Hemp Expo, now in its third year, is the place to be for all things hemp. Colorado Hemp Company is honored to bring together the most experienced thought leaders from around the globe.

On April 2, stop by the Colorado Hemp Company Booth from 2-3 PM for your very own hemp-printed Declaration of Independence or pocket Constitution and have it autographed by our special guest Ben Franklin, Christopher Lowell. Visit the Let’s Talk Hemp Stage as he shares his knowledge of hemp in the U.S from the perspective of one of our nation’s brightest inventors and leaders.

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Introducing the NoCo Hemp Expo HempWall!

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2016 has been a monumental year for hemp, and especially big for the NoCo Hemp Expo! As the largest, smartest hemp expo in the country, we want to connect our message with people in every way we can. That’s why this year the NoCo Hemp Expo is unveiling a brand new interactive social media platform, the Tweetwall!

Affectionately dubbed the HempWall, think of it as your interactive information stand. Throughout the Expo, we’ll be broadcasting the next big event, speaker, or panel happening up on screens all over the Expo! So when you are looking for the next hempcentric activity, look no further than the HempWall! You’ll be totally connected to everything happening around you, so you’ll want to check back frequently to make sure you’re not missing a thing.

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An Insider’s Look Into Craft Brewing with Hemp: High Hops Brewery at NoCo Hemp Expo

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“Zach Weakland describes the process of brewing with hemp while his team at High Hops Brewery take on new meaning to celebrating the American Farmer with delicious seasonals and ales year-round.

“In 2007 we started a hops farm because of a nation-wide hops shortage,” said Zach Weakland, High Hops Brewery Head-Brewer/Production Manager. “We grow plants (at The Windsor Gardner, Windsor, CO) so we had the idea of growing our own hops. We started with 32 varieties on one acre.”

High Hops Brewery has been family owned and operated since September 2012, but the family-run business has functioned since 1991 as Plant-a-Scape, a seasonal greenhouse in Windsor, which eventually became The Windsor Gardner, which is now the home of High Hops Brewery.

“(In 2000) That’s about the same time my parents started home-brewing,” said Weakland. “And that’s the same time I was in high school chemistry class. It was cool to come home and see the real-world application of chemistry.”

Craft breweries produce less than 50,000 barrels of beer a year. (1 barrel equal about 31 gallons.) After Weakland graduated university, “With 2 and a half acres of hops, we had more hops than we knew what to do with, so we opened up a brewery,” he said.

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herbal synergy hemp

CBD Herbal Elixir Bar Featured at NoCo Hemp Expo

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On April 1st-2nd at the NoCo Hemp Expo, The Apothecary will be featuring their Herbal Synergy Elixir Bar, but this weekend they are focusing on hemp. They will be serving herbal-infused probiotic drinks all weekend in addition to their other products. On Friday night, The Spagyric Apothecary will have eight different herbal infusions, four of which will have 15-20 mg CBD to sample during the National Hemp Association’s Networking Event. This will be a time to try out a blend and see how it makes you feel, but most of all to see if it works for you.

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hemp fashion

Filling in The Gaps: A Sustainable Solution in Hemp Fabrics

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Hot? Cold? Worried about infection? Wrap yourself in hemp!

By: Brad Shannon

Did you know? One of the oldest relics of human history is a piece of hemp fabric dating back to around 8,000 B.C. Betsy Ross is said to have sewn the first U.S. flag from hemp fabric, and the canvas used to make the first pair of Levi’s was even made from hemp fiber.

Today, what’s old is new again, as hemp textiles are being used to make countless items, from apparel to shoes to housewares to furniture upholstery.

The case for using hemp to make fabrics is clear. In addition to the benefits it provides from its growth cycle – enriching the soil and absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, hemp produces 250% more fiber per acre than cotton, 600% more than flax, and uses much less water than cotton to grow. Where cotton farmers use more insecticides than most any other crop grown, hemp uses very little in the way of chemicals for its cultivation.

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Step'n-Out in Hemp

Recharge Your Wardrobe This Spring with Hemp: Sustainable Fashion and Textiles at NoCo 3

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Eco-friendly clothing companies aim to bring hemp-trade to the U.S. in 2016.

Sponsored by EnviroTextiles, Step’n-Out in Hemp offers a first-hand view into the world of sustainable, eco-friendly hemp fashions from the companies who are revolutionizing the textile industry today.

Long-committed to producing quality fibers, EnviroTextiles leads the way in hemp fabric and textile production in Colorado and in the U.S. Mother-daughter duo Barbara Filippone and Summer Star Haekse have owned and operated the Glenwood Springs green-company in since 2002.

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art on paper

Art Hands on Hemp!

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Local artists exhibit patriotism and progress through sustainable hemp paper donated by Loveland’s own Tree Free Hemp company.
The long bast fibers of the hemp stalk have an epic reputation for strength, durability, and quality. This is true for cloth, rope, and paper, among other things.
With the incorporation of Industrial Hemp into the art community, artists in NYC and Loveland, CO have gained another form of expression and a carbon-friendly mediu
m to illustrate the limitless potential and possibility for hemp in the US.

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hemp seeds

Freeing the Seed: Market Value on Hemp Seed Rises

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Breeders seek royalties to improve programs while constituents continue to face challenges in seed acquisition and regulation. 

At a recent Seed Seminar hosted by Colorado Department of Agriculture, global wheat company Limagrain’s COO Frank Curtis explains how investing in seed genetics may be one of the most prominent and profitable avenues to pursue in the hemp industry today:

“U.S Wheat Market is not as healthy as people think.” According to market research, wheat production has increased globally in recent years, with a drastic decrease in U.S production.

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