Industrial Hemp End Products

The Rebirth of Industrial Hemp:  Processing and Bio-refineries 

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Hemp is on the rise today, and facilities like Pure Hemp Technology and contributing to what Carl Lehrburger calls, “the thrust of the hemp revolution”.

With the passing of the federal Farm Bill and supporting state pilot programs, local businesses are providing farmers an opportunity in industrial hemp while manufacturing eco-friendly products.

Pure Hemp Technology, a hemp processing plant and bio-refinery located in Fort Lupton, CO is doing just that, promoting sustainable agriculture by converting industrial hemp into useable products.

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hemp fashion

Filling in The Gaps: A Sustainable Solution in Hemp Fabrics

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Hot? Cold? Worried about infection? Wrap yourself in hemp!

By: Brad Shannon

Did you know? One of the oldest relics of human history is a piece of hemp fabric dating back to around 8,000 B.C. Betsy Ross is said to have sewn the first U.S. flag from hemp fabric, and the canvas used to make the first pair of Levi’s was even made from hemp fiber.

Today, what’s old is new again, as hemp textiles are being used to make countless items, from apparel to shoes to housewares to furniture upholstery.

The case for using hemp to make fabrics is clear. In addition to the benefits it provides from its growth cycle – enriching the soil and absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, hemp produces 250% more fiber per acre than cotton, 600% more than flax, and uses much less water than cotton to grow. Where cotton farmers use more insecticides than most any other crop grown, hemp uses very little in the way of chemicals for its cultivation.

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Step'n-Out in Hemp

Recharge Your Wardrobe This Spring with Hemp: Sustainable Fashion and Textiles at NoCo 3

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Eco-friendly clothing companies aim to bring hemp-trade to the U.S. in 2016.

Sponsored by EnviroTextiles, Step’n-Out in Hemp offers a first-hand view into the world of sustainable, eco-friendly hemp fashions from the companies who are revolutionizing the textile industry today.

Long-committed to producing quality fibers, EnviroTextiles leads the way in hemp fabric and textile production in Colorado and in the U.S. Mother-daughter duo Barbara Filippone and Summer Star Haekse have owned and operated the Glenwood Springs green-company in since 2002.

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