Trey Riddle

Trey Riddle



Dr. Riddle is the CEO of Sunstrand, the leading supplier of biomaterials for technical and industrial applications. Sunstrand currently operates the only commercial scale hemp decortication facility in the USA. Dr. Riddle is the President of the KY Hemp Industries Association and a member of the KY Hemp Industry Council. He started his career in engineering performing accelerated structural testing on wind turbine blades. Prior to Sunstrand, he founded Gradient Engineering, an engineering services firm focused on polymer composite applications. Dr. Riddle received his BS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University and Masters from Cornell University.


March 31, 2017
PANEL – Processing & Building out Infrastructure
Let's Talk Hemp Stage
2:00  -  2:55
April 1, 2017
PANEL – Industrial Uses of Hemp
Hemp Summit Room
12:30  -  1:20