Preston Whitfield

By March 7, 2017

Preston Whitfield, Program Director at NOCO Hemp Expo / Director of Sales at CBDRx

Born and raised on his family tobacco farm in North Carolina, Preston’s Cannabis advocacy began after witnessing the decline of the tobacco industry, putting his and many family farms out of business. His career has led him to work with local, state and federal legislators and Universities to educate on the viability and solutions for the hemp industry. In 2016 these efforts were validated with the passing of the North Carolina Hemp Bill and he is now working toward getting the first legal cannabis plants in the ground on his farm since 1937. To help jumpstart the hemp industry in NC, Preston founded Source Hemp, a NC based firm supplying genetics, brokerage opportunities and consulting services to the Hemp Farmers of NC. He is a founding partner of International Hemp Solutions, a Denver based B Corporation focused on identifying the bottlenecks in the US hemp industry and through leveraging their global networks, craft solutions to create a seamless flow of goods and services, from seed to the final retail product. Today he serves as the Director of Sales for CBDRx / Functional Remedies, a Boulder, CO based vertically integrated Hemp Company specializing in  every aspect of their business including genetics, sustainable farming practices, advanced infusion techniques and their final products. Preston serves as a Technical Advisor to the National Hemp Association and continues his advocacy as the legal landscape of Cannabis continues to evolve.