Patrick Groft

By March 7, 2017
Pocket DiscPatrick Groft is the founder of HiyaMaya, the makers of the Pocket Disc and other fair trade handicraft from Guatemala.  For 9 years his company has worked closely with Mayan artisans in their villages near Lake Atitlan.  They’ve been members of the Fair Trade Federation for 7 years now.  He’ll be speaking on what Fair Trade means, why it matters, and how as consumers, our buying choices make a big difference in the lives of 3rd world workers.
Having recently launched their first line of Hemp Pocket Discs, Hacky Sacks, and Pouches, he is eager to learn all he can about the hemp industry at this Expo and return to his home in Charlotte, with as many tools as possible to get involved first hand in the NC Hemp Growing movement there.  He also hopes to convert as much of his company’s cotton based product to hemp over the next few years.