Patrick Allen

By March 15, 2017

Patrick Allen has been doing freelance work for himself and others in the digital space for the last 18 years. He started out building websites and has been successful in full scale digital marketing including social media advertising, google AdWords, video production, lead generation, and local and national SEO. Patrick has taken his own product idea the he invented and placed the product in national retailers on a tiny budget. He currently works a full time sales career in the commercial wholesale space where digital marketing is king. Patrick is a serial entrepreneur taking on freelance work while supporting an industry he has a passion for. He has a passion to share his experience on staying current with Digital Marketing trends and to teach others to become self-taught digital marketers to scale their own startups. Patrick is married with two children. His son has a brain tumor and he has been using cannabis oil for the brain tumor for the last 3 years with success, so the entire family has a passion to see Hemp and Cannabis used to its full potential. The Allen family loves sharing their story and journey with others. For fun they get up to the mountains or visit the local stables to get some time with horses and nature until they can get a couple of horses and farm of their own.