Matt Schwaigert

By March 28, 2017

Sr.V.P. of Operations: Has spent the past two years co-planning the Cannopy Corporation vision, build, and operations of 500+ acres including 50,000 sq. of industrial food and laboratory processing facility. For five years prior, directing licenses in medical cannabis as owner or partner starting in 2010. Managing financial, operations, compliance and best practices for several facilities. His experience includes vertical division management, staffing and oversight of more than one hundred persons in seasonal capacities, research and development of agricultural techniques and technology. Matt also serves as a resource for consumers, organizations and industry professionals to make informed decisions about industrial hemp and its impact on the environment, lifestyle habits and purchasing practices. Other interests include real estate, niches within business segments, and media. Starting his career after graduating from the University of Iowa. Fast tracking his part time local radio position in marketing and as on-air personality. To the third largest media market Chicago with the CBS corporation.