Lauren Berlekamp

By February 28, 2016

Hemp History Week

Lauren Berlekamp the National Event Coordinator for Hemp History Week, a campaign collaboration between Vote Hemp, the Hemp Industries Association and leaders of the hemp industry. She also serves on the Hemp Industries Association Cannabinoid Committee. Based in Northern Ohio, she has worked as a community organizer and networking systems research consultant for “Buy Local” economic reciprocation campaigns; food safety production and preparation; urban food desert reconciliation; water and soil remediation; cannabis policy reform; diet-based health and wellness programs; healing arts; and sustainable business promotion. Lauren graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2008 with a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism, with a focus in Public Relations and Independent Media Communications; minoring in Vote HempPopular Culture. Lauren has written curriculum for classroom gardening programs, such as Veggie U, to target the childhood diabetes epidemic and has consulted on urban gardening programs to reduce criminal recidivism. She worked through a USDA sustainable food systems grant organizing farmers in Northeast Ohio to bring healthy local food options to urban areas, 2011-2012. Lauren is also certified in Permaculture and Hemp Building.