Derek Cross

Derek Cross

MC / Speaker

Derek Cross is a Hemp advocate on all fronts: Nutritional, Industrial and Medicinal. As a business owner, public speaker, and cookbook author, Derek spends his time educating people and helping make our planet a better place to call home. A self-proclaimed, “Hemp O’Holic”, he is dedicated to health and wellness for himself, his family, and for as many other lives as he may impact with Hemp.  As Founder & Director of The Hemp Farm USA, he is passionate about not only spreading the word on what Hemp can do for our planet, but also about making Hemp available to people everywhere, via raw materials and finished products in many forms, concentrating on real global issues and how hemp can play a major role in these areas with new out of the box innovations!

“In Hemp We Trust”


April 1, 2017
PANEL – Hemp 101
Hemp Summit Room
10:30  -  11:20
The Pathway to Freedom – Tim Gordon
Let's Talk Hemp Stage
2:00  -  2:15
Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts with Diana Marie, MH
Let's Talk Hemp Stage
2:20  -  2:35
Key Markets – Key Indicators with Daniel Kruse
Let's Talk Hemp Stage
2:40  -  2:55
Cars Made of Cannabis with Bruce Michael Dietzen
Let's Talk Hemp Stage
3:00  -  3:15