David Maddalena

MC / Speaker

THC Magazine

David Maddalena is the founder and CEO of The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine.  He has been immersed in the legal cannabis industry since 2009. Five years ago he founded THC Magazine with the mission of elevating the image of the cannabis plant and its many medicinal and industrial benefits. Through engaging and informative content along with an elegant design, THC has twice been awarded “Best Cannabis Publication” at the Cannabis Business Awards.  David is now building on his past experience in production to launch the newest division of The Hemp Connoisseur with THC Entertainment.


March 31, 2017
Medicinal/Wellness Uses of Industrial Hemp/Hemp and the FDA and DEA
Hemp Summit - VIP
3:50  -  4:30
PANEL – DIY Marketing & Distribution
Let's Talk Hemp Stage
4:40  -  5:30