Chad Rosen

By March 7, 2017

Chad is an entrepreneur passionate about developing impact based businesses and brands with sustainable supply chains. As a recent graduate of the Village Capital Agricultural Accelerator his network in the food system is far reaching at high levels in the private and public sectors. The White House invited Chad to represent Kentucky and Victory Hemp Foods at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Palo Alto, where we met with POTUS’s Entrepreneurial Ambassadors and 700 other entrepreneurs from 170 countries to work on solving for some of the world most pressing issues here at home and abroad, including food security. Chad has brought many successful startups to market including, Vetrazzo, Pierre Habitat, Indomata, and Organo, all companies with a “triple-bottom line.” Today, he’s dedicated to bringing hemp into the rural economy where sustainable economic development is needed. To this end he moved from California in 2014 and has put down roots in Henry County, Kentucky, where Victory Hemp Foods is based.