Adam Dunn

By February 25, 2016
Adam Dunn

Adam DunnAdam Dunn was born in 1969 in Woodstock, NY. Familiarized with all things cannabis from a young age one can say that he was groomed for this industry. At the age of 19 he pursued greener pastures and set sail for Amsterdam. Within a few months he started his dream job at the Hash museum owned by Sensi Seeds where he could educate himself and others on the myriad of uses of hemp and cannabis. During his time working at the Hash museum he was fortunate to meet all the prominent people in the industry such as Jack Herer, Robert C. Clark, Jorge Cervantes, Ed Rosenthal, just to name a few. After 3 years working for the Hash Museum/Sensi Seeds he was asked to host the 6th annual Cannabis Cup. Adam quit working for Sensi Seeds and together with two friends he started his first company called ‘Cannabis in Amsterdam’ aka C.I.A. They helped create a framework where they separated the seed companies from the coffee shops and this highly successful formula is still used by High Times Magazine to this day.

C.I.A quickly became a hotspot for growers, expats, hemp enthusiasts, and as Robert C. Clark (author of: Marijuana Botany, HASHISH!), once quoted: “The epicenter of the Cannabis universe”. At C.I.A his seed company T.H.Seeds® was born where world famous strains such as Bubblegum, S.A.G.E. ®, Heavy Duty Fruity®, and Chocolate Chunk were developed. In 1995 Hemp Works, Europe’s first dedicated Hemp store was opened.

Hood Labs - denverThis gave Adam and his partner the opportunity to start their own in-house clothing label called Hemp HoodLamb®, an independent hemp label offering a broad collection of refreshing hemp gear. With HoodLamb® their main aim was to promote a contra-movement against the mass-production and mass-pollution of the clothing industry and to demonstrate that a solution for sustainable living can be found in hemp. Their main item, the HoodLamb jacket, the sturdiest, warmest and most eco friendly jacket was made even more functional with Adam’s stony savvy features such as built in paper rolling dispenser and secret pockets. With features like that there is no wonder that this jacket is worn by the biggest stoners in the world such as Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson just to name a few.

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