2016 NoCo Hemp Expo Interviews with Coach Freddie

NoCo Hemp Expo 2016: Northern Colorado’s Premier Hemp Expo where 130 + exhibitors informed attendees about industrial hemp, and how it can benefit peoples lives, heal the planet and how it can be used to make thousands of products, boost the economy and business.

Conversations about why they are interested, or why they are in the industrial hemp industry? And… Where do they see industrial hemp business in 3 years?

Coach Freddie Interview #1

Guests 01: Live on iTunes on Monday 4/11/16 – Listen Here

NoCo Hemp Expo, Preston Whitfield
Natural Builder / Living Craft Design, Frank Wetenkamp
Natural Good Medicines – OAFRC Oregon, Edgar Winters
Nossoughi Fine Arts, Christine
PNX Botanicals, Michael Perry
Hemp Foods America, Chad Rose
Iowa Hemp Association, Borris and Chris Disbro
Natures Root, Tracee Box

Coach Freddie Interview #2

Guests 02: Live on iTunes on Tuesday 4/12/16 – Listen Here

Welbing, Jorge Trevino
Ambary Gardens, Alicia Whitt
Cannabis Consulting Consortium, Michael Lions
Chimney Rock Farms, Matt Brewer
Elixinol, James Geddes
Eurofins STA Laborties, John Mizicko
Floras Bake Shop, Chris
Green Field Paper Company, Rick Smith

Coach Freddie Interview #3

Guests 03: Live on iTunes on Wednesday 4/13/16 – Listen Here

Tennessee Hemp Industry Association, Colleen
Spherex Colorado, Richard Paganini
Hempcrete Advocate, Sunny
Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary, Gemma
Elixinol, James Geddes
Hemp YoLo BoLo, Ben Droz
Vote Hemp Grow Alabama, McMillan Arrington
Zen CowGirl Studios, CJ Jorgensen

Coach Freddie Interview #4

Guests 04: Live on iTunes on Thursday 4/14/16 – Listen Here

National Hemp Association, Zev Paiss
Green Remedy, Chad
Green Spring Technologies, Mark “Maxxy” Linday
Hemp Way Foods, Carla Boyd
Hemptations, Beach
Hemptique, Jasen Russell
High Hops Brewery, Zach Weakland
Guest from Mexico, Raul Hector